Advantages of using a content management system

There are a number of advantages to using content management systems (CMSs). These are not limited to websites which have dynamic, interactive or regularly changing content.

The main benefit of a CMS is that it enables website owners to keep their site fresh and up-to-date without having to outsource the work to a webmaster, or requiring detailed technical knowledge.

Business benefits of CMS

If carefully sourced and implemented, a CMS can help you:

  • streamline your authoring process
  • update your website remotely, as and when needed
  • ensure consistency in appearance and ‘look and feel’ of the website
  • customise your website to meet your precise business needs
  • use non-technical staff to make updates, although they may need training
  • reduce website maintenance costs and dependency on third-party web developers for simple content updates
  • integrate your website with customer relationship management and asset management systems
  • store archived content, either for future use or reference
  • use dynamic marketing (eg affiliate marketing, promotions or product recommendations) with personalised and targeted content to improve sales or user satisfaction
  • optimise your website and content for search engine ranging or mobile use

To make the most of these benefits, you will need to define:

  • your workflows and processes
  • your technical requirements

This involves deciding who should have access to the CMS, and at what level, as well as establishing the approval procedures. See our CMS checklist: defining your technical and business requirements.

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